Fundamano Press Release

On the evening of 4th of November, at the Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch, Mathematics was taken to stage in a theatrical production combining conceptual roots of mathematics with music and brilliant performance of university students studying mathematics under various programs, including engineering and science. The production brought together four shows: “Is it really imaginary?”, “Parrot (un)learning”, “Depth of secrets” and “Music vs mathematics”. The first show, “Is it really imaginary?”, was prepared and presented by a production team brought together by Dr. Sophie Marques, a mathematician in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Stellenbosch University, who is the founder and the managing director of the Wisaarkhu online science engagement magazine. The show explored the concept of an imaginary number, which comes into existence by thinking outside the box, and is later understood to be a fundamental component of the physical universe. The performers in the production tea
  The first performance of our project took place on 4 November 2022 at the Drostdy Theater . The performance consisted of four shows, approx. 30 min each, described below. Please complete this form retrospectively if you attended the show and would like to stay in touch for future shows:  IS IT REALLY IMAGINARY? New mathematical concepts often arise from thinking outside the box, and, at the time of their invention/discovery, may appear to be of little use. Free thought in mathematics and the courage to challenge the current rules, as well as controversy, are characteristic of human endeavor to develop new groundbreaking mathematical ideas. This show brings to the general public the concept of an imaginary number: something, which at first appears impossible, but with time is revealed to be a fundamental component of understanding the universe around us.   PARROT (UN)LEARNING In this show, set in a mathematics classroom, the lecturer is convinced

Mathematics on Stage

A fun, engaging and lasting theatrical production of delving into the roots of mathematical concepts is coming to existence - watch this space not to miss it!