The first performance of our project took place on 4 November 2022 at the Drostdy Theater. The performance consisted of four shows, approx. 30 min each, described below.

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New mathematical concepts often arise from thinking outside the box, and, at the time of their invention/discovery, may appear to be of little use. Free thought in mathematics and the courage to challenge the current rules, as well as controversy, are characteristic of human endeavor to develop new groundbreaking mathematical ideas.

This show brings to the general public the concept of an imaginary number: something, which at first appears impossible, but with time is revealed to be a fundamental component of understanding the universe around us. 


In this show, set in a mathematics classroom, the lecturer is convinced that the essence of learning mathematics lies in copying lecturer's knowledge. Unfortunately, he himself misses the point of what the essence of mathematics itself is! Instead of enquiring and asking questions, for him mathematics is what is best described as "parrot learning".

Dr. Parrot, the lecturer, gets freed from the burden of parrot-learned mathematics by a magical creature, who at the same time visits his students and guides them in finding a correct approach to mathematics: reflecting on and unpacking concepts.


This show is the heart of the production, as it offers the taste of mathematics outside the classroom environment, where mathematics can become genuinely interesting and motivating.

The show takes you on a journey of appreciating complexity of mathematics as something arising naturally by a need for a better solution to a real-life problem. Alice and Bob, school pupils hanging out with their friends in a Caff√©, will end up rediscovering fascinating mathematical concepts in their attempt to exchange secret messages between each other. 


This show features a piano performance, by Kate Watson, of Bug Book (Goggaboek), a musical composition by a South African composer, Hans Roosenschoon. He will join the show for an explorative discussion about parallels between creative processes in music and in mathematics.

The discussion will address a common problem of the music and mathematics education systems: the lack of creativity/exploration-based learning. 


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